Friday, December 6, 2013

Festive Holiday Geo Mesh Wreath

The Geo mesh wreath is a popular Christmas decoration.  The possibilities of designs are endless but the Christmas elf is a favorite of ours!

Materials Needed: Pipe Cleaners
Metal Wreath Frame
8 to 10 yards of Geo Mesh
Optional: Elf hat and legs and other accessories

Gather one end of the mesh and tie into the wreath frame with a pipe cleaner.  Gather the next 10" to 12" of mesh and tie to the wreath frame about 3" to 4" from the first pipe cleaner. Twist and attach Geo Mesh tubing next to the first pipe cleaner. Continue gathering and twisting, alternating between the mesh and mesh tubing and attaching with pipe cleaners until the entire wreath is covered with mesh. A festive wire ribbon can be added to the wreath if you wish. Attach elf legs and hat and your elf wreath is finished!

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