Monday, January 16, 2012

D.I.Y. Tile Wall Art

Have you ever looked at an item and thought, "how would I decorate that?" Well, this framed tile may make you think that.

We will show you how to create wall art using this ready-to-decorate framed tile for your home.



  • Framed Tile
  • Acetate Paper
  • "Live, Laugh, Love" Vinyl Words
  • Claudine Helmouth Studio Multi-Medium in Matte
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
All supplies used for this project can be found at our Bonney Lake store.

  1. Cut the acetate paper to fit the size of three of the tiles on the frame. Another idea for this project is to use photos instead of acetate paper.
  2. Use the paintbrush to apply the multi-medium to the back of the acetate square. 
  3. Adhere the acetate paper to the tile, smoothing out any pockets of air.
  4. Apply vinyl words to the blank tile. You can use vinyl words of your choice but for this project, you will be using "Live, Laugh, Love."
  5. Display proudly in an area of your home.

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