Thursday, April 26, 2012

The No-Sew Fabric Skirt (Tutu)

Making this fabric skirt (tutu) is even easier than the "How to Make a Tulle Skirt" tutorial. And like the tulle skirt, we will be using a no-sew procedure which allows you to adjust, interchange, or remove the fabric at any time.

Crafted by Pershette.


  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Scissors

All supplies used for this project can be found at our Bonney Lake store.

The amount of fabric depends on the length of the skirt and how full you would like it to be.

1.  Measure the child's waist and cut the elastic to the measured length, adding 1 inch.
2.  To secure the elastic, you can overlap the ends to tie it in a knot or sew it. The extra inch will allow you to secure the elastic without effecting the size of the skirt.
3.  Measure how long you want the fabric to be and double the length.

For example, if you want the fabric to measure 10" below the waist, you will cut the fabric into 20" strips. The next step will explain why.

4.  Fold the strip in half onto the elastic and tie it in a single knot.

If you are using more than one color, be sure to alternate the colors or textures to create the desired look. You can add ribbon, beads, lace, tulle, and more to create fullness and add texture.

5.  Repeat step 4 until the skirt is complete.

Use leftover fabric to create a matching hair tie.

Watch Pershette demonstrate tying fabric onto the elastic to make the skirt.

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