Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beach Candlescape

Don't live near the water but love the ocean?

Ann, our Home and Floral Designer, created a beach candlescape with sand and seashells. She wrapped a burlap ribbon, almost reminiscent of the material they use in those large beach hats, around the candles and secured them with decorative pins.

This decorative pin is a prettier version of a regular thumbtack. You can use regular thumbtacks and glue a rhinestone to the top of each one or use ones that are ready-made like the one in the photo.

Use a container, such as a large candle holder, as the focal point surrounded by coordinating items. For example, you can add to this beach theme with items, such as:

  • a net
  • variety of seashells
  • glass bottles
  • rocks
  • driftwood

Also, play with the color palette for your candlescape, complementary hues and tones or you can get a little artistic and mimic the colors of the sunset. 

Here is another design you could try. A large rectangle vase filled sand with smaller candle holders buried into the sand with seashells.  With a rectangle vase like this, you can fill it with a variety of things, like rocks, glass, beads and even mix in glitter for an extra touch of sparkle.

With sand, you can layer colors of it, creating beautiful sand art. If you can't find a particular color of sand you want to use for your candlescape, you can learn how to color (dye) your own sand here.

For more inspiration, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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