Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Boho Scarf

The Bernat Jessie is a fun yarn with playful colors and soft textures, which makes it ideal for knitting a boho scarf!

Crafted by Carla.


  • 1 Bernat Jessie Yarn 
  • 1 Skein Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn (or Similar Weight Yarn)
  • Beads (25 or more) with a 3/16 Opening
  • Size P Crochet Hook

All supplies for this project can be found at our Bonney Lake store.

Creating the Mesh Foundation

Using double strands of sock yarn:
Loosely chain 103 (chain should measure at least 36 inches).
Row 1:  HDC in 3rd chain from hook, *chain 1, skip next chain, HDC in next chain*. Repeat this pattern (*-*) until the end of row is reached and turn.
Row 2:  CH3 (count as first HDC) HDC in each HDC across ending HDC in CH3 off previous row. Turn.
Rows 3 - 11:  Repeat row 2; fasten off leaving a 10 inch tail of yarn.

Weaving and Finishing

Unwrap the Jessie yarn and lay strands out on a table. Create 11 bundles of mixed yarn at leat 50 inches long. If some strands of yarn are too short, tie them together with like yarn to lengthen. If the bundles are longer than 50 inches, do not shorten them as an uneven length of each bundle is desirable.

Using the first bundle, weave the ends under and over the bars created by the HDCs of the mesh foundation until the end of the row is reached. Repeat the process on row two, but weave the yarn strands over and under the opposite HDCs used in row one. Repeat weaving pattern on rows three through eleven.

Adding the Beads

Using a small crochet hook or any implement with a hook small enough to fit through the beads, insert hook through the bead, grab the ends of the yarn on one side of row one and pull the yarn through the bead. Tie a knot at the end of the yarn so the bead won't slip off and each strand of yarn is secure. Then, tie another knot just above the bead. Trim the yarn ends below the bead and knot. Repeat this on the yarn bundles at the end of each row. The yarn bundles in each row can be pulled through the mesh to give the hanging beads an uneven appearance. 

Now, it's ready to wear!

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