Sunday, February 17, 2013

D.I.Y. Layered Frame

Layered frames look great, especially with contrasting colors, but if you glue the two frames together, how would you be able to change the photo in the frame?

Hook and loop fasteners! They make it easy to change out your photo without damaging the base.


  • MDF Frame
  • Small Frame
  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush

You can use any item as the base to display the layered frame, such as a wooden plaque, canvas, tray, etc., but for this project, we used an MDF Frame for its smooth surface, which is fantastic for painting and designing.

1.  Paint and design your frames.

The colors of the frames are entirely up to you. You could paint all the frames in one color, contrasting colors and even paint a design. We painted a design on the base, and then a contrasting color on the layered frame.

If you use acrylic paint for your frame, seal it with a thin coat of Mod Podge, in either Glossy or Matte for a finished look.

You can use any frame as the layered frame. Here are examples of other frames with an MDF frame.

Make sure all the frames are completely dry before moving onto the next step.

2.  Measure and cut hook and loop fasteners to fit the back side of the layered frame, and the front side of the main frame.
3.  Use the hot glue gun to adhere the hook and loop fasteners.

Be sure to line the hook and look fasteners properly so that they are not exposed when you place the layered frame on top.

4.  Insert your photo into the layered frame and attach it to the main frame.

We attached only the frame (without the back of the frame on and the glass) for an open frame look. Depending on the type of frame you use for the layered frame, you may need to remove those two items if it is too heavy or bulky to attach with the hook and loop fasteners.

Now, it's ready to display!

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