Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Blue Spring Wreath

 This is a simple wreath that has a lot of charm. It is a perfect spring touch to your home decor!

One White Styrofoam Wreath
Blue Fabric 8" Wide x 45" Long
One Roll Jute Ribbon
One Tan Burlap Daisy
One Blue Burlap Daisy
One Twine Bee
E6000 Glue

1. Apply a small amount of glue at the top of the styrofoam wreath. 
2. Attach one end of blue fabric to the glue. 
3. Wrap blue fabric completely around the wreath and glue the end.
4.  Wrap the jute ribbon around the wreath and glue both ends.
5. Glue the burlap tan and blue daisies to the wreath.
6. Now glue the twine bee to the flower and allow to dry.
7. Add one strip of burlap ribbon to the top for hanging the wreath. 

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