Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Valentine Wreath

Christy created this fabric wreath for Valentine's Day. It is a fun decoration that fits perfectly with a shabby chic home decor!

1/4 yard Red and White Striped Fabric
1/4 yard Red Damask Fabric
1/4 yard Red and White Polka Dot Fabric
One Roll 2" wide Pink Ribbon
One Roll 2" wide Sheer White Ribbon
One Roll 2" wide Sheer Red Ribbon
One Roll 1/2 inch wide White Ribbon
Embroidery Hoop

Cut fabric into 9 inch lengths.
Rip pieces of fabric at 2 inches wide.
Find the middle of a piece of fabric and place around the embroidery hoop.
Tie fabric in a double knot.
Fold a 9 inch ribbon strip in half and tie with a double knot to the hoop.
Do the same with all fabric and ribbon, alternating patterns until your wreath is full.
Turn each knot up to the top and fluff the fabric or ribbon.
Tie one long ribbon piece to the top for hanging.

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