Friday, July 18, 2014

Christmas in July DIY Bead Project

Beaded jewelry projects make great Christmas gifts. They do, however, take time to make. So plan ahead and start now to create holiday gifts for the jewelry lovers on your list. You will finish them in time to enjoy the holiday season!
Alternate red, green and white beads to create this festive bracelet that is perfect for the holiday season.

This Christmas Bracelet tutorial is brought to you by Panderhall Learning Center.

Supplies Needed:
4mm Swarovski Crystal Beads (Green & Red)
Seed Beads (white)
End Piece
S-Hook Clasp
Jump Rings
Tiger Tail Wire
Side Cutting Pliers

Step 1: bead the basic component in Row 1
To complete the basic component, as is shown in following diagram:
- Cut a strand of 150cm Tiger Tail wire, and then string beads on in this order:
 seed bead, green Swarovski crystal, seed bead, red Swarovski crystal and seed bead;
- Next,  cross two wire ends through another Red Swarovski Crystal;
- Third, reverse the order and duplicate the previous beads group;
- Finally, to each end add one seed bead and similarly cross through one more  seed bead.

Step 2: repeat to complete Row 1
Repeat the above basic component until get an ideal length for your Christmas bracelet. Notice the detail circled on last beads group. 

Step 3: create the new second Row
In this portion, just refer to the previous processes for row 1. Pay attention: in order to connect two rows naturally, you need to share the middle line red Swarovski crystal beads and seed bead in row 1.
 Repeat the processes and you will do the Christmas bracelet main body.
Step 4: add on clasp and end piece
Attach two jump rings on both ends seed bead loop and then hook on the clasp.

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