Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Sewing Project: Envelope Pillow Covers

A complete room remodel can get expensive, but often a few small changes can change the look of the room. Adding pillows or even changing the existing ones may be just the right choice to update your decor. AKA Design shared this easy DIY project that uses fat quarters and scraps. The envelope style means that you will not need to add a zipper. The sewing is basic straight lines! What a perfect sewing project for anyone to finish in an afternoon with time to spare for relaxing.

Easy Envelope Pillows

  • 1 fat quarter per pillow
  • neutral fabric for back of pillow
  • 16″ pillow form
  • thread
  • sewing machine (or needle and thread)
  • scissors
  • pins
*You can use other sized of pillow forms, of course. But for the purposes of this tutorial, measurements are based on a 16″ pillow form.

Step-by-step Directions:
1. Cut fat quarter piece to 17″x17″.
2. Cut neutral fabric into two pieces each measuring 17″x12.5″.
3. Fold end over on each of the two neutral fabric pieces and press with iron. Sew down hem.

hemming pillow back

4. Pin pieces together, right sides facing each other.  The fat quarter piece should be your guide for the pillow size. The neutral pieces will overlap about 4″.

pillow back before pinning
pillow pinned

5. Sew all the way around perimeter using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end to keep the stitching from coming unraveled. To go around a corner, while needle is in fabric about 1/2″ from edge, lift presser foot and turn fabric. Put presser foot back down and continue sewing.

sewing around a corner

6. Trim corners, so they aren’t bulky.

trim corners of pillow inside

7. Turn right side out, press with iron and stuff with pillow form!

envelope pillows

You can do this for all sizes and shapes of pillows, just add a half inch seam allowance on all sides and make sure you have at least 4 inches (if not more) overlap on the back side.

A big thanks to AKA Design for this great project!
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