Friday, March 6, 2009

Silhoutte Machine

"I am so excited about the arrival of the Silhouette machine in our store. I've been wanting to get a personal die cut machine for sometime but just couldn't make a decision. Because I love quotes, motivational sayings & words that make me smile & I would have them everywhere if I could, but I didn't want them all to have the same font. And the other machines on the market you need a different cartridge for each different font. That can really add up, so I waited. Then we got this amazing deal from Silhouette & were able to bring them in at just $129.99. By the way did I tell you that they normally sell for $249 & Up. Oh & the best part, you can use all the true type fonts that you already have on your computer & cut them out from 1/4" to 8" tall. Of course there's lots more you can do with your Silhouette too. So make sure you check out their website. Maybe I could sneak out a bit early so I could play with my new Silhouette? It's product research right?"


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  1. Love the blog - I'll be stopping by more often! I used to live in Bonney Lake and how I miss your store! I still visit WA a couple times a year and always stop by the store and purchase things I can't find here in Tucson, AZ. Thanks for the inspiration and always offering new things!