Monday, December 12, 2011

Shadow Boxes

We have Visage 12 x 12 Shadow Boxes in Black or Walnut on sale for only $12!

You may ask yourself, “What would I do with a shadow box?” 

A shadow box is a unique way to showcase memories, memorabilia, and collectibles. It's like framing a scrapbook page because you're preserving a moment or a favorite item by dressing it up.

Pershette, our Craft Manager, brings a family photo to life using a shadow box.

You're not limited to only decorating the inside. The outside of this shadow box has been sanded, repainted, and adorned with embossed metal sheets created with the Sizzix Texture Boutique and Embossing Folders. 

The nice thing about a shadow box is that you can hang it on the wall or place it upon a surface. It's flat-backed and takes up little space, making it easy to display anywhere in your home or office.

Here is an example of how you can use a shadow box to accentuate a print.

There are more ideas on what you can create with a shadow box, such as:

  • A child’s first day or year in school--homework, artwork, awards, featured grade, coordinating educational or school paper, sticker embellishments, school supplies.
  • Wedding day--invitation, vows, flowers, monogrammed items, photos, favors, candle, material (ribbon, lace, etc.).
  • Newborn--copy of the birth certificate, footprints, photos, newborn hat, socks, booties.
  • Child’s birthday--candles, cake decorations, featured age, mylar balloons, photos, party favors, birthday hats.
  • Graduation--invitation, ceremony program, tassel, yearbook pages, senior photo, paint the frame with the school colors. 
  • A favorite hobby or sport--articles, actual items correlating to the hobby or sport, photos, memorabilia, coordinating paper, sticker embellishments. 
  • Pets--favorite toy, collar, photo, paint paw prints on the outside of the frame. 
  • A favorite musician, artist or author--CD, DVD, book, articles, photos, autographs, paint musical notes, lyrics, or quotes on the outside.
  • Awards, medals, honors--ribbon, medal, or award for the accomplishment or contest, articles, photos, coordinating paper, sticker embellishments.

Not only are shadow boxes perfect for admiring life moments, but they also make heartfelt gifts with a personal touch for a loved one.

The Visage Shadow Boxes are only on sale at this price while supplies last, so don't hesitate!


  1. As the picture and regarding frame work is authentically looking just awesome. As the regarding contents and features of this source really makes me crazy about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you! Pershette did a fabulous job coordinating the elements to recreate that moment in time.