Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Decorating with Lanterns

You just bought a lantern, but now how do you incorporate it into your home decor?

When selecting lanterns, think about where it will be displayed keeping the size in mind. For instance, this is a large lantern and would be beautiful on a side table, placed on the hearth of a fireplace or even add a touch of color to patio.

After you have found the perfect place to display the lantern, do you leave it as it is or decorate it? Of course, you could add a candle inside the lantern, which is how you usually see them displayed.

How else could you decorate it? 

Ann is our Floral manager and has a background in interior decorating. If you ever wanted to know how to put a display or centerpiece together, she is the one to ask. 

She accented the vintage blue color of the by using complementary colors to create this beautiful centerpiece.

Crafted by Ann.

Ann decided to create a theme around nature and birds. Using a hot glue gun, she adhered a nest to the bottom of the lantern and added flowers, small branches, moss, eggs and even ribbon. She finished it off by placing a yellow bird in the nest to complement the vintage blue paint.

To learn more about complementary colors, you can refer to a color wheel.

Ann used a few of the materials she had used for the inside of the lantern and secured them with a hot glue gun. She finished it off with a sheer ribbon bow and bird.

Don't be afraid to play around with different elements to accent your lantern to your home decor. Remember, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

Interested in learning how to assemble floral arrangements? Check out our August calendar for our new decorating classes here!

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