Monday, September 16, 2013

Bottle of Booos

It doesn't have to be five o'clock to enjoy a bottle of booos!

Crafted by Billie Jo.


  • Bottle 
  • Vinyl Lettering "Bottle of Booos"
  • White Sixlets Candy

  1. Clean and wipe down the bottle.
  2. Lay it down on a flat surface and apply the vinyl lettering.
  3. Fill it with white Sixlets candy.

Now, it's ready to display!

Can't find white coated candies to fill the bottle? Here are a couple other options:

  • Paint the bottle white using Americana Multi-Surface Satin paint on the outside; or pour the paint on the inside, then apply the vinyl.
  • Apply Adirondack Metallic Mixatives in Pearl to the outside and apply the vinyl.

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