Sunday, October 27, 2013

How-to: Make a Rubber Band Loom Bracelet

Rubber band loom bracelets are fun to wear and easy to make!

Crafted by Nancy.

We carry Wacky Loops Rubber Bands and they come in a wide variety of colors with instructions on how to make a single chain rubber band bracelet without the use of a loom.

Wacky Loops

Even though you can make rubber band bracelets without a loom, it may be easier (or faster) to make them with a loom. You can make a basic loom by nailing two 2" finish nails into a wooden block to make bracelets. The nails should be 1" from the block and 1.25" apart.

Watch this video of Nancy demonstrating how to make a single chain rubber band loom bracelet using  a basic loom, like the one pictured above.

For more projects, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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