Sunday, January 5, 2014

Easy Valentine Craft Project

Sometimes craft projects sound like a great idea, but then seem overwhelming once you begin. This Valentine project is not one of them!

2 - 12" Paper Mache Letter X's
1 - 12" Paper Mache Letter O
3 - 12" Head Over Heels Scrapbook paper by BoBunny
1 - 12" Back to Back Scrapbook Paper by BoBunny
Glue Stick
Patterned Washi Tape

Use an exacto blade to cut the paper to exact shape of the letter. You can place the paper on a cutting surface with the letter laying directly on top, then carefully cut around the letter. Use the glue stick to attach the paper to the letter. The washi tape will be applied to each edge of the letter by placing 1/2 on the top side, then folding the tape to the side of the letter.
That's all there is to it! Your project is finished and ready to display.

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