Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seattle Has The Blue and Green Fever - Seahawks Style!

Whether you are a long-time loyal Seahawks fan, or someone who is newly excited by the team, everyone is very proud of the efforts of this young team that owner Paul Allen, coach Pete Carroll and other executives put together. The entire Pacific Northwest region is bursting with team spirit and pride and it shows in the huge crowds that attend the Seattle football games in all types of weather. The 2014 Superbowl in two weeks is a much anticipated event that many people plan to celebrate in their record setting 12th man style.

Ben Franklin employees also have the Seahawks Fever and are excited to show it!  The Bonney Lake store has lots of arts and crafts supplies to create cups, signs, banners, wreaths, and even jewelry that shows your team pride.

Here is a new project Billy Jo created to show some Seahawks spirit.

Seahawks 12th Woman Sign

Seahawks 12th Woman Sign

One Unfinished Wood Slat Sign
Seahawks 12th Woman We Don't Do Calm. Seahawks Vinyl Letters Kit
Crafters Acrylic Opaque Blue Paint
Multi Surface Green Apple Acrylic Paint

Paint the bottom slat of the wooden sign with the green paint.
Allow to dry completely.
Paint the rest of the wooden sign with the blue paint.
Allow to dry.
Apply vinyl letters to the wooden sign. Burnish firmly to adhere.
Peel the backing off the vinyl carefully. If the letters peel up, burnish again.
Repeat with all  rows.

Your Seahawks sign is ready to display next to your television, or any other highly visible area.

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