Sunday, February 23, 2014

Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Have you noticed the new trend for indoor plants is the terrarium. This 1970's relic is being brought back as a popular alternative to potted plants. The new twist on an old design is placing your plants in an unusual container. Designers are showcasing apothecary jars, Mason jars, old glassware and other unusual items. The benefit of these stylish terrariums is the low maintenance they require. We have created some great terrarium displays for our store.

Large Apothecary Jar or Glass Terrarium
One Bag of Decorator Rocks
Three Live Succulent Plants

Place small amount of rocks in the bottom of jar or container for drainage.
Pour dirt in to cover rocks - enough to place plant in and cover roots.
Optional - add small amount of activated charcoal (sold in pet stores or hardware stores) to keep dirt fresh.
Remove succulent plants from their potting containers.
Place plants in small hole in dirt, cover roots and press dirt firmly around them.
Place a few rocks on top of the dirt for decoration.
Pour a very small amount of water into the jar, just enought o give the plants a drink.
Place the lid on container and your terrarium is finished.

This low maintenance decoration is a great spring addition to your home decor. 

If you really do not want to maintain plants at all, we have a great alternative.

Instead of using dirt and live plants, we suggest using mini potted Rosemary plant and two fake succulents. These new plants look real, but are a great no maintenance option.

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