Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY: I Love You Photos in a Jar

Here are more super easy Valentine's Day projects - Photos in a Jar. Even guys can make these!

Just choose your mason jar, decorate with glass marbles, jute, or washi tape, and slide in your favorite photo!

1. For Valentine's Day, we chose red flat glass marbles to lay in the bottom of the jar. We also glued some on the lid. We adhered a rhinestone strip with double-sided tape to cover the outer edge of the lid. To finish it off, simply slide in your favorite photo!

Decorate with glass marbles and self-adhesive rhinestone tape.

2. Have you heard of Washi Tape? The best way to describe it is that it feels like masking tape - very, very pretty masking tape! It comes in a huge variety of patterns and designs. We used it here to cover the edge of the lid, and again at the bottom edge where we actually used 2 patterns of washi tape. That's it! Just slide in your photo!

Washi Tape Mason Jar

3. This rustic look is great for any occasion! To start, you'll need to glue an unfinished wood knob to the top of the lid. When it's dry, cover the entire lid (including the knob) with jute rope or twine using your favorite glue to hold in place. We repeated the same process at the bottom edge of the jar. When everything is dry, insert your favorite photo!

The jute gives this project a nice rustic look.
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