Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whimsical Hand Painted Easter Eggsticks

These wooden egg candlesticks are whimsically hand painted. The beauty of this style of painting is that they are supposed to look as if they were painted by hand. They are not supposed to be perfect and that means there is no wrong way to do these. You can't mess them up. All you need is a bit of inspiration and some paints and you are ready to create your own masterpiece!

  • 3 Wood Candlestick Holders
  • 3 Wood Easter Eggs
  • Acrylic Paint of Your Choice
  • Assorted Fine, Medium and Large Tip Paint Brushes
  • 527 Multi Use Glue

Start by painting the solid wooden egg in whatever background color you choose.
Next paint the candlestick holder that will go with the egg in your color choice.
After, the paint is dry, add the details in your own style and colors.
Allow them both to dry.
Repeat this process until your pieces are all painted.
Finally, glue the base and the eggs together with 527 glue and allow to dry completely.

Remember, there is no wrong way to design these! This is a perfect project to allow your creativity to shine.

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