Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easter Floral Arrangement with Peeps Tutorial

Create this easy Easter floral arrangement with Peeps candy.  We have used silk flowers, but you could also do this with fresh by placing a skinny vase for the flower stems and water inside of the larger one before adding the Peeps.

One Glass Cylinder Vase
Silk Flowers
Silk Pussy Willows
Spring Colored Ribbons
Peeps Bunny Candy
Paper Shred
Floral Foam

Place grass shred at the bottom of the vase.
With a sharp knife, cut the floral foam to fit inside of the vase with room to spare for the bunny candy.
Place peeps in the vase flat against the glass in a row around the bottom.
Now place the floral foam inside the vase.
Fill the vase with peep bunnies so that they are stacked in two rows and completely fill the vase.
Cut down the stem of your pussy willows to the desired height. (Note: you will want this to be taller than the daisies.) Stick in the floral foam.
Next cut your daisy stems and stick in the floral foam in varied placement.
Make a bow from your ribbon, leaving long ends to hang down. Tie with floral wire and stick the wire down into the foam.

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