Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Reasons To Refurbish Things For Your House

1. You will save money.
2. It is rewarding to recreate something.
3. It is a fast way to redecorate.
4. It keeps more furniture and items out of the dump.
5. You will enjoy doing it.

Instead of taking old household items to Goodwill or the dump, try refurbishing them. If you are new to the recycle, reuse movement then you will be amazed at how easy it is to make something old look new again. There is no need to worry about messy it up since you were ready to get rid of the item anyway! If it does not turn out then it was just a practice piece to learn a new technique.

Give Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint a try, you will love it. This is an easy way to transform an old and outdated item into a newly refurbished decor piece. The directions say to spray inside of a glass object, but this spray paint also works well on the outside of glass, porcelain and other surfaces. It will not easily scratch off.

Here is the lamp I decided to refurbish. It was something I already had and while it did not match the style I wanted, the shape of it had potential.

I removed the lamp shade and light bulb, then masked off the areas I did not want to get paint into.
Next, I sprayed a series of light coats of the looking glass spray paint allowing drying time so that the paint did not run. If you allow the paint to be too thick it will run and you will not be able to cover it.

Allow to dry outside for a couple of hours to avoid paint fumes and then remove all masking material and put the lampshade back on.

This is what my finished lamp looks like. It does not have the appearance of a mirror, but I really do like the reflective silver the paint gave it.

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