Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIY Burlap and Grapevine Wreath

Make this wreath for your door this fall.

  • 1/8 yd. each of 6 different types of burlap or 2-3 yds. of different types of burlap ribbon
  • Pearls Garland (or embellishments of your choice)
  • Needle and Heavy Neutral Colored Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

NOTE: It takes some practice to make the flowers but do not give up! With practice, they will be as beautiful as can be!

Making Roses
Have your needle handy, ends of thread knotted together.
Start by cutting one piece of fabric into a 4” x 14” strip.
Fold in half lengthwise.
Roll about 1” at one of the strip. Hold one end of this tube secure as it will become the center of the rose.
Fold fabric strip back at approximately a 90 degree angle near the end tube and wrap fabric around the center, forming your first “petal.”
Always make sure to hold the bottom of the rose secure as you continue folding and wrapping around the center until you reach the end of the strip, or until the rose is a good size and shape. As you move around the rose, arrange petals so they are slightly offset from each other, in a natural flower-like way.
Secure back of rose by sewing through all layers of fabric in several different directions.
Make at least 3 different sizes of roses from each of 5 different materials, ranging from buds to full large blooms.

Leaves: Cut 5 large leaf shapes about 4” x 2” and 3 small leaf shapes about 2.5” x 1.5” from the burlap fabric.
Placement of Pearls: Cut 24” from the pearls garland and lay on wreath from about 1 o’clock to 8 o’clock positions. You may want to secure some of the pearls by poking some of them down between the grapevine, but it is not necessary to glue them down at this point.
Leaf and Flower Placement
Try out placement of leaves and roses over the pearls on the grapevine by starting with the largest flowers between about 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Set large leaves in different directions at pleasing angles, in pairs or separately.
Fill in and extend the arrangement with smaller roses and leaves, varying the materials, shapes, and sizes until you have achieved something close to the look you want.

Attaching Flowers and Leaves
Apply a generous amount of glue to the backs of the leaves and attach them to the grapevine, curving slightly while you pinch and slightly fold the stem end. Then, glue the flowers to the wreath, again beginning with the largest. At the same time, you will be capturing the pearls.

Cut enough large pearls off the remaining garland and glue them into each rose center. You may want to sprinkle small and large pearls throughout the wreath, according to your taste.
Now, it’s ready to display!

Feel free to add a bow or other embellishments to the wreath.

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