Sunday, November 8, 2015

DIY Winter: How To Use Spray Snow and Crystal Frost

We are asked so often about the different times of snow we carry and which type is used for different projects. Here are the basic uses for snow and frost products.

Crystal Frost Spray

Design Master Crystal Frost Spray
Replicates the look of frost crystals on glass
Uses: accent windows, mirrors, vases and ornaments.

Santa Snow

Santa Snow
Creates a layered, textured effect. Lightly frost centerpieces and other decorative arrangements, tips of evergreen branches, and wreaths. Spray on windows and mirrors for a holiday look.
· Spray snowy highlights on trees and wreaths
· Decorate windows and mirrors
· Use with stencils
· Contains no solvents
· Easy cleanup
· Designed for indoor use
Creatively Southern


Snow-Tex creates dimensional effects like snow on most craft surfaces.
Use on Christmas decorations to add snow to trees, villages, pine cones, wreaths, and greenery.
- Wood - Tin - Ceramic bisque - Polymer clay - Plaster - Resins - Papier mache - Drywall - Leather - Watercolor paper - Posterboard - Styrofoam

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