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DIY Valentine Banner - We R Memory Keeper Crush Collection

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
Today we are sharing a banner made with The Crush Collection of scrapbooking papers by We R Memory Keepers. Linda made this wonderful banner for our store display.

·The We R Memory Keepers Banner Punch Board
·The We R Memory Keepers Pinwheel Punch Board
·The We R Memory Keepers Hole Punch and Eyelet Setter Tool
·Paper Trimmer
·Piercing tool with foam pad
·2” Scalloped Circle Punch
·Tape Runner (double sided tape)
·Staz On Jet Black Ink Pad
·Brads: small head/large head
·Book Rings
·Tombow Mono Liquid Glue
·American Craft 2 pack washi tape (Love and Gold Glitter)
·Paper Accents Chipboard Banner
·12 x12 Muslin Strawberry Cardstock
·12x12 Muslin Rain Cardstock
·12x12 Black Cardstock
·Ben Franklin Bonney Lake Die Cut Machines and 3” Letters
·Left-over ribbons from the Bonney Lake Ben Franklin classroom

Linda's Directions:
·I cut 3 pieces of the 12x12 Muslin Rain cardstock in half and 2 pieces of the Muslin Strawberry cardstock in half

·Using the Banner Punch Board I lifted the plastic and slid my 6” by 12” paper all the way to the top and butted it against the edge and centered it. I used the cutting blade to cut out a triangle. It makes a triangle to cover the whole chipboard banner triangle (except the teensiest bit of edges at the widest part at the top). It is longer than the chipboard triangle. 

·Using double side tape (my tape runner) I adhered the card stock to the chipboard, lining it up from the bottom point of the triangle. This leaves extra paper at the top. I left that there.

·I used my hole punch to punch the hole that already exists on the chipboard so that I had a hole through the cardstock too. I folded over the extra cardstock at the top of the banner and taped it down using my tape runner.

I used the “love” washi tape to make a decorative strip across the top of each banner, making sure to wrap it all the way around the back side too because I wanted my banner to be double-sided. I did this with all nine chipboard banner pieces. I alternated colors, rain...strawberry...for the banner.

·When I completed that, I lined up the gold washi tape just under the word “love” on the already applied washi tape for the last 4 triangles (2 rain, 2 strawberry). This time I left only a little (½ to ¾ “) of the washi tape hanging from the edges of the front of the banner. I applied double sided tape from my tape runner to the back side of the washi tape and folded it over and stuck it down tight to the back of the banner.

·I repeated that process with the “love” washi tape, leaving just about ¼ of an inch of the gold showing above the “love” washi tape. I used my hole punch to punch the hole at the top through the washi tape.

·Also, I repeated this process layering the washi tapes about midway down the last 2 blue triangles.

·I used the 2” scalloped circle punch to make the flowers. I punched scallops out of the left-over 6 x 12 pieces that the triangles were cut out of (a good use of scraps!) I used 2 – 8 layers of scallops in each flower, just varying them as desired. I used my jet black Staz On ink pad and just rubbed it around the edges of the scalloped circles. I piled as many layers of the scallops as desired together, alternating the colors, and placed it on my foam pad and pierced the center through the layers using my piercing tool.

·To make the flowers, I snipped about the same amount in toward the center at each scallop using my scissors. I used the stylus to curl up the outer end of the “petals” (scallops). When I had them the way I wanted them, I layered them back together and pushed a brad through the hole I had pierced and closed the brad. I used the Tombow Mono Liquid Adhesive to adhere the flowers to the banner in the desired places.

·I cut out the words: “Oh, the LOVE!” and “my VALENTINE” using the 3” die cuts at the Ben Franklin Bonney Lake die cut center using the black, strawberry and rain cardstocks. I shadowed the rain and strawberry using the black cardstock. I alternated rain and strawberry letters on opposite colored banners.

·I turned the pinwheel over, reversing the triangles so that I could put the words “my Valentine” on the other side. (The last triangle is now the first on this side)

I chose these 4 papers from the We R Memory Keepers 12 x 12 cardstock “Crush” line: “simply stated”, “romance”, “lucky in love”, and “love defined”. I cut them into 4 ½” x 6” pieces. I used the Banner Punch Board to cut triangles putting the top of my paper at the 4” line which is just above the middle of the punch board. I needed to cut one more 4 ½” x 6” strip of the “simply stated” paper for my last banner piece. I adhered these to the banner using my tape runner, centering them. (When I cut these triangles on the punch board they left triangular scraps. I saved these for another banner!) Then I reversed my chipboard triangles to go back to working on the front side.

·I used the pinwheel punch board to make 4 – 3” pinwheels using the paper “Best Friends” from the We R Memory Keepers “Crush” printed cardstock. I cut two 3” strips of the paper, and then cut that into 4 – 3” pieces. There are 2 different cuts to make on the Pinwheel Punch Board. I cut 4 from each side, with the opposite sides of the paper facing up on each of the two sides to give the two pinwheels a little different look when put together. I put one of the pinwheels “face down” on the pinwheel pin by putting it together as usual and then taking it off and flipping it over and then putting it back on the pin. I punched a hole in the appropriate spot on the chipboard banner and pushed the pin up through the hole, leaving the pinwheel on the back side of the banner. I put another pinwheel on the front side and capped the pinwheel. I did not use the back attachment to put them on the paper straws since I just wanted to use the pinwheels on the banner without the straws. I did this twice - in the middle of the letters “O” on the front side (this puts them on the triangles with the “L” and the last “E” on the other side, making it kind of random on that side, but fun!)

I reversed the the banner and stuck the letters of “my VALENTINE” on the other side of the banner, placing lower case “my” and the “V” on the first triangle, and shadowing the rain and strawberry papers with black as on the other side, alternating colors.

·I made 4 extra pinwheels using the left-overs of the paper the others are made from and glued them onto the my “my Valentine” side of the banner. I also used scraps from the papers I already had cut for other uses to make rosettes. I attached these here too.

·I fastened the banner triangles together using the book rings.

·I used left-over ribbons from the craft classroom at Bonney Lake Ben Franklin and tied pieces of various colors and lengths onto the rings for a fun accent.

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