Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 Graduation Party Decor

Create a unique graduation centerpiece in a Mason Jar. We created this sample in the Bonney Lake High School colors, but you can use the easy step-by-step directions to create a centerpiece that is in your graduating senior's school colors.

One Mason Jar
Wood Dowels
One Chalkboard Tag
Teal Tulle
Silver Tulle
Black Cardstock Paper
Black Krinkle Shred
Piece of Chalk

1. Fold tulle into approximately a six inch piece 10 times. (creating a cardboard template may be helpful.) Create three teal poufs and three silver.

2. Tie string around the middle of the tulle so that the looped ends are out.
3. Cut the loops with scissors.
4. Repeat these three steps with all tulle pieces.

5. Now lay one silver piece crosswise over the teal one and tie together. Then fluff the tulle.
6. Repeat with all tulle pieces.

7. Hot glue each teal and silver tulle pouf on to one end of a wooden dowel.

8. Use our die cut center to cut out a graduation cap. Hot glue the graduation hat on to wooden dowel.
9. Fill the Mason jar with the paper shred.
10. Now write 2016 on the chalkboard tag with a piece of chalk.
11. Finally, place all dowels in the jar.

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