Monday, June 6, 2016

DIY Advice From A Mermaid Shadowbox

This Advice From A Mermaid Shadowbox project is perfect for your summer decor or all year long if you wish.

One Unfinished Wooden Shadowbox with Glass Front
Americana Decor Sea Glass Acrylic Paint
Americana Decor Orange Twist Acrylic Paint
Mermaid Verse Vinyl
Graphic45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Scrapbook Paper
Decorator Sand
Sea Shells
Decorator Fishing Net

Remove the sliding lid from the box.
Paint the inside of the box with orange paint.
Now paint the outside of the box with sea green paint and allow to dry completely.
Glue the scrapbook paper to the inside back of the box.
Apply the vinyl verse to the front of the glass and the top of the wood box..
Glue scrapbook paper to both sides of the box.
Cut a piece of the decorator fish netting and glue it on one corner and the side of the box.

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