Thursday, November 17, 2016

DIY Hanging JOY Frames

Three Panel Vertical Hanging Frames
Red Stain
Acrylic White Paint
Metallic Gold Paint
Scrapbook Papers, Red Plaid and Black Christmas Print
Wood Letters J and Y
Crystal Craft Twinkles Paint

Stain the front and sides of the wood frames with red stain.
Allow to dry.
Cut three squares of the red plaid scrapbook paper to fit the front of the frames.
Cut out the inner squares of the frames from the paper and glue to the wood.
Cut the black print paper to fit the inner squares of the frames and glue in place.
Paint the snowflake with white acrylic paint and allow to dry.
Paint the Twinkle Crystals on the snowflake for a glittered effect.
Paint the J and Y letters with gold paint. Allow to dry.
Now paint them with the Gold Craft Twinkle and allow them to dry.
Finally, glue the letters and snowflake on the frames.

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