Friday, January 27, 2017

Do You Think Making Jewelry Is Too Hard?

Nancy is always coming up with inspiration in the most unlikely places. She saw this pearl pick as it arrived in our floral department and had a brilliant idea.

Why not make jewelry with it?
This jewelry making project is so easy - three steps and you will have earrings!
1. Cut 
2. Twist
3. Wear

Armed with a wire cutter, Nancy cut off a branch of the pearl pick, used needle nosed pliers and wrapped the end around an earwire hook.

... and just like that, you have a gorgeous pair of earrings!

Pearl Drop Earrings

Now, let's make a quick necklace, too.

Take a jump ring and twist it open with your pliers to attach it to a chain and twist it closed again.
Now with your wire cutters cut off a piece of the pearl pick. Attach to the jump ring by twisting the end over the jump ring.

Your necklace is finished! It's super easy.

You've come this far, let's make a bracelet that matches.

3 Steps to a Bracelet!
Take the remainder of the pearl pick and using a wire cutter, cut the pearls off from the wire dropping into a bowl.
Twist the end of the wire into a loop and begin stringing beads from the other end until you run out of beads or decide the bracelet wrap will large enough.
Twist the end into a loop to secure the pearl beads and wrap around your arm in loops.

If you want a more complex bracelet you can add pearl beads to headpins and attach those in between the regular beads but we will save those instructions for another time. Don't worry, that isn't very complicated either.

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