Saturday, February 11, 2017

New! Innovation Line of Custom Frames

We are proud to introduce our new "Innovation Line" of Custom Frames!
Our Ben Franklin Frame Shop is offering very unique custom frames designed by our in-house artists to include textures, styles and shapes that are beyond what a simple rectangle frame can provide. There are seven styles to choose from, and each style will be custom designed to enhance and showcase your artwork.

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Column Frame

1. The Column
Straight cut pieces with additional vertical lengths similar to columns on a building.

Pedestal Frame

2. The Pedestal
A free standing frame mounted to a base to showcase 2 images or the front and back of a photo, document or paper with printing on both sides

Mosaic Frame

3. The Mosaic
A frame with added pieces inserted into the face of the frame making an intricate design with lots of beautiful compartments.

Painter's Frame

4. The Painter’s Frame
Hand painted to extend the artwork on to the outside of the frame.

5. The Gable
This frame has an added rooftop triangle that gives it an architectural design reminiscent of a house or cottage

6. The Mantel
The design has an upper and lower shelf similar to the structure around a fireplace.

7. The Cornerpiece
Adding squares or triangles into the face of the frame on all four corners makes so many possibilities for more shapes.

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