Friday, March 24, 2017

DIY Beauty and the Beast Decor

How many of you have seen the new Beauty and The Beast movie? It is getting rave reviews and is very popular. We wanted to share a project Sara made with the movie in mind.

Glass Dome
Round Unfinished Wood Plaque
Red Silk Rose
4 Wood Ball Knobs
Firefly Lights
E6000 Glue

Drill a hole in the center of the round plaque just large enough for lights ans stem of rose.
Glue 3 round knobs to the bottom of plaque with E6000 glue.
Paint the base with shimmering silver and allow to dry.
Apply the Metallic Black Pearl  to the base with a dry brush effect for dimension and aging.
Thread lights through hole from the bottom of the base and set to the side.
Cut a couple of the petals off the rose, then glue the green leaves and petals down.
Cut the rose stem to desired length, then place the rose in the hole.
Bend the rose stem and shape to your liking, then glue it in the hole.
Wrap the Firefly lights around the rose so that the lights are somewhat evenly distributed.
Place batteries in the light pack.
Place the glass dome on top and turn the light switch on.

Place on a table or shelf and enjoy!

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