Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why We Love Ranger Multi Medium

Ranger Multi Medium is an artist quality acrylic gel medium ideal for gluing, image transfers, sealing art, extending paint, resists, creating glazes and more. Non-yellowing. Dries clear. Waterproof when dry. It comes in gloss or matte finish to choose from based upon your preference or which will look better on your project.
  • Acid-Free, Non-Toxic & Archival
  • Gloss and Matte finish
  • Non-yellowing, dries clear
How to use:
All-purpose glue: Use for paper, metal, wood, glass, plastic & fabric. Great for adhering dimensional embellishments.

Image transfer: Paint over a laser-printed piece of artwork, adhere to desired surface and burnish well. Let dry. Use water to “peel away” paper and reveal image. Reverse type and images when printing or copying.

Sealer: Paint over top of artwork to seal and protect with a gloss finish.

Paint extender: Mix with acrylic paints to extend volume. Can also be used to create a gloss finish with matte acrylic paints.

Create glazes: Add one part paint to two parts Multi Medium to create transparent glazes.

We always recommend when customers ask about Mod Podge. We feel that the difference is craft grade versus artist grade. While there are many projects that work well with Mod Podge, if you have paper or other porous material, you may get wrinkles or damage when covering with Mod Podge. Ranger Multi Medium is an acrylic gel, thick like a hand cream vs. Mod Podge which is thin glue, more like a hand lotion. Since Mod Podge has more water in it there is a greater chance you will get wrinkling in your project. When we explain this most customers choose to purchase the Multi Medium from Ranger.

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