Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Make A Spooky Mirror with Looking Glass Paint

This fun project is seen all over Pinterest.  Create a spooky mirror for your Halloween decor with a printed image, a regular frame and Krylon Looking Glass Silver spray paint.  These supplies are available at your Bonney Lake Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop.

Cut out a circle or oval template - you choose the shape that works for your project.
Remove backing from picture frame and take out the glass.
Take outdoors, or to a well ventilated area for painting.
Spray the frame backing with black paint or replace with a piece of black mat board.
Place the template on the glass in the desired area, then spray a coating of silver looking glass paint on the glass.
Allow to dry and add another coating of silver paint.
Remove the circle template and spray around the circle on the glass to soften the paint edges, then spray the rest of the mirror one more time.
Allow to dry.
Cut out your printed spooky face and place over the circle opening.
Place the frame backing over the glass and place both in the frame.
Attach backing and place in the frame.

Hang your mirror where everyone will walk by and see a ghostly image peering through the glass.

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