Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween Vinyl

Glass Block Pumpkin

Glass Block Pumpkin--
Glass Block
Pumpkin Vinyl Face
Orange Cellophane
20 Count Light Set

· Attach the Vinyl Pumpkin Face to one side of the Glass Block.
· Place a 20 count light set inside the Glass Block
· Cut a piece of Orange Cellophane that will gather up and around the Glass Block.
· You will also have to bring the cord to your Lights up through the top or cut a small hold in the side for the cord to go through.
· Gather the cellophane up and around the Glass Block tying it off at the top with wire.
· Tie a Ribbon and secure to the top with the extra wire. Add a fall pick.
Sit back and enjoy your fun fall creation!

Project compliments of:
Our friends at Ben Franklin Crafts, Kaysville, UT

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