Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One SPOOKY Project

In our craft department we have thick chipboard letters that are $2.99 each. These letters are what inspired me to create a Halloween SPOOKY board. I took each letter and created something that was symbolic to the Halloween spirit.
The "S" I painted white and then wrapped in cheese cloth. I then sprayed the cheese cloth with a with a clear acrylic sealer so it would stay in place, then I added wiggly eyes to give the effect that it was watching you.
The "P" I covered in green paper and then distressed the edges using the Tim Hotlz Distress Ink to give it an antique look. After, I added purple "Rain Dots," (Rain Dots are epoxy circles of all sizes).
I took the two "o's" and painted the sides and back orange, then covered the the "o's" in orange card stock and used an exacto knife to cut the excess paper off. I then distressed with Tim Holtlz (vintage photo) Distress Ink. Using a leaf from the "Felt Fusion" line, I placed leaf on a piece of green paper and then cut around it and glue it on the top of the "o." I created a stem and added "Glossy Accents" to give it a dimensional epoxy look.
The "K" was my favorite, I created witch feet and cut each one out to fit the legs of the "K." I used the "Glossy Accents" once again to give dimension to the witches socks. I painted the "K" purple and tied Halloween ribbon to the top of the letter.
For the "Y" I painted it yellow and then covered the top in a yellow card stock. I distressed the sides using "Black Soot" Tim Holtz Distress Ink. I then used the "Felt Fusion Spider Webs" to cover the yellow card stock.
When I was finished I glued the letters to a primed white board (previously I had painted black). I quickly slapped paint on to give it a fun and creative feel and hammered old nails into the board, I put some in straight and others I purposefully made

If you have any questions please feel free to call or stop in.

What a fun and creative project to do!

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