Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beading F.A.Q.

Our Beads Department shares with us their most frequently asked questions.

What are the basic tools I should have to start beading?

The basic tools to start off with are:

  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Cutting Pliers
As your skills advance, so will your tool collection.

How do I turn a chain into a necklace?

Simply add a jump ring at each end of the chain in the size you prefer, then add a clasp. 

Lobster Clasp and Jump Rings
How do I add a bead to my necklace?

Place a bead onto a headpin, and wrap the end of the headpin into a circle using round nose pliers. Attach a jump ring to the headpin and you can either 1) slide it onto your necklace (depending on the size of your jump ring) or 2) attach it directly to your necklace (depending on the size of your chain).

How do I create a necklace with a ribbon?

Use crimping pliers to clamp a crimp at each end of the ribbon. Attach a jump ring to each crimp, then add a clasp.

How can I create a pendant from a Scrabble piece or glass?

Glue a bail using an adhesive, preferably using E-6000, to the backside of the pendant. Let it completely dry before wearing.

What the difference between a jump ring and a split ring?

A jump ring goes around once and a split ring goes around twice.

NOTE: To make attaching split rings easier, use split ring pliers.
Which is better: jump ring or a split ring?

It comes down to what you prefer and what type of jewelry you are creating. Jump rings are more commonly used but split rings do add security with charms. 

A split ring was used here to connect with the clasp.

How do I use elastic to create jewelry?

Tie each end of the elastic in three knots to secure the beads and findings. Add clear nail polish to the knots to seal it. You could use glue, but we do not recommend it because some glues have enzymes that may wear down the elastic, causing it to break.

I want to learn how to bead, but it looks hard.

Beading is actually easy to learn because there are various levels of skill. You have the option to choose what you would like to learn and what is most comfortable for you.

Kumihimo Bracelet Class

Do I have to learn all the different techniques?

There are several types of beading and jewelry making techniques, but you do not have to learn all of them in order to create fantastic pieces of your own.

Beginning Soldering Class

We teach various beading and jewelry making classes here at our Bonney Lake store, such as:

  • Bead Lab
  • Beginning Beading
  • Beginning Soldering
  • 3D Soldering
  • Kumihimo Bracelet
  • Tila Wrap Bracelet

And more! Our classes can vary month to month as we continue to add new classes to our calendar. You can register for any one of these classes online or in store.

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