Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration: Vinyl

Vinyl is typically seen on the back window of a car to advertise a business or as an endearing message on a wall. 

But, did you know that vinyl can be used to express a feeling, emphasize a moment, and inspire?

Here are ideas on how you can incorporate vinyl into your projects.

Let the vinyl words direct the design of your project.

Add vinyl to a candle votive.

Describe your family using various vinyl words.

Create a theme around the vinyl words.

Add embellishments to accentuate the vinyl words.

Create home decor by using vinyl words on glass blocks.

Place vinyl letters over papered plaques.

Frame the vinyl letters with acetate paper.

Place vinyl words on the glass of a photo frame.

Add vinyl words on the glass of a shadow box for dimension.

Use vinyl letters on blocks to spell a word.

Now, that you have seen what you can create with vinyl, what are you inspired to create?