Thursday, July 5, 2012

D.I.Y. Bottomless Beaded Sandal

This project was one of the six craft projects we had at our Girls Night Out in Paradise event. It's the perfect accessory for summer, especially when you're headed to the beach or water park.

Crafted by Nancy.


  • .05 Stretch Magic Cord
  • Small Round Beads
  • Clear Fingernail Polish

The Stretch Magic Cord and beads can be found at our Bonney Lake store.


When you're selecting beads, be sure they are small, round beads in a size 6 or 8 (for comfort).

1.  Cut 1 yard of the Stretch Magic Cord.
2.  String 20 beads and move them to the middle of the cord. Make sure it is the right size to go around your second toe.
3.  Tie the cords together to make a circle.
4.  Tie a knot three times and pull firmly but not too firm that you break the string.
5.  Dab the knot with clear fingernail polish.

The reason why Nancy did not use an adhesive is because it may cause the cord to break down over time.

For the next step, you will put both strings through the beads and string 35 more beads onto the cords.

6.  Split the cords and string 35 beads on each cord.

Check the length of the sandal against your ankle and adjust the number of beads, as needed.

7.  Tie the cords in a knot three times as before and dab with polish to secure the knot.

Learn better with a hands on experience? We are going to have a Bottomless Beaded Sandal class and you can sign up here.

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