Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Clever Page

This page layout comes to you from one of our own. Jeannette will explain in her own words how she put this page together using the Clever Handmade line.

Crafted by Jeannette.

Hello there! This was such a fun page to create and I am happy to share how I put the page together!

I started off with In this House "Barber Stripe." I felt it would best reflect the spirited story of Bella's first track meet cause it was an exciting (and sunny!) day.

The 4" x 6" and two wallet photos of Bella were matted with In This House "Hearts."

The next step was the embroidering. I took the Embroidery Board in "Twill Red" and turned it over, so the print was facing down. Cut out the hearts from the embroidery pattern in "Hearts" and rubbed it on (the backside, not on the print side). 

Now that I have my patterns on the embroidery board, I used an embroidery needle to punch holes around the lines of the designs. It took about three stands of embroidery floss to embroider the patterns. 

I cut around the shape of the pattern from the embroidery board, and now I'm ready to glue them on. After trying out different variations of placing the photos and embroidery board onto the page, I used ZipDry to glue them in place.

If you have never tried to integrate embroidery into your page, I highly recommend it. It is such a cool concept and I really enjoy the look the embroidery gave to the page.   

Using the Typewriter Alphabet stickers in red, I spelled out the story of the page.  

Using the Mini Accents (sequins) in red, I glued them to random spots on the page and adhered size 11 seed beads in the middle of each sequin flower for a little dimension.

Now, my page is complete!

I just love the colorful and whimsical patterns and embellishments of Clever Handmade. Hope you enjoyed my post! - Jeannette

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