Saturday, September 8, 2012

Decorating Inspiration: Mason Jars and Chalkboards

Planning for the big day, but want to keep costs down?

For the D.I.Y. bride, keep it simple by using mason jars to create an elegant centerpiece.

Here, the bride painted mason jars by pouring acrylic paint into each jar. She swirled the paint around to completely cover the inside of the jar, then poured the excess paint into another jar.

To avoid a big mess, leave the jar right side up to dry after pouring out any excess paint. If you let the jar dry upside down, you may create more work for yourself by having a lot of clean up afterward.

The bride placed flowers in galvanized flower buckets. She alternated painted mason jars and clear mason jars (that were filled with a votive and rocks) to go around each flower bucket.

Typically, there are various tables set up around the venue for the guest book, gifts, beverages, etc. Instead of using note cards, the bride and groom decided to use small chalkboards.

Each chalkboard either labeled the table or had a note for guests. This certainly makes it easy to change the text, in case you see a mistake or decide to rewrite it, which you wouldn't be able to do if using note cards or anything that has been permanently printed.

Feel free to inspire brides-to-be by sharing any D.I.Y. ideas for weddings and receptions in the comments below.
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