Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Post: D.I.Y. Photo Wall

Ever wanted to assemble a collage of frames together on a wall, but not sure how to get started? Well, let Kristy from Cup of Jo inspire you with this beautiful photo wall she recently put together!

Crafted by Kristy from Cup of Jo!

Hello!! I'm Kristy from over at Cup of Jo!! To say I'm excited to be here would be an understatement! I'm thrilled!! {Smile!} 

Of all the craft stores around, Ben Franklin is my absolute FAVORITE! {No, I don't get paid to say that!} When it came time to do my photo wall, there's no question where I would go to get what I needed to do it! Seriously, have you seen what they have to offer?? Let me give you a peek...

I know!!!....You could stay there all day!!

O.k, back to me! {ha!}...

What I love about many of the frames is that you can get them "naked"! {Bare wood!}!  With a little paint, paper and modge podge you can "dress" them up any way you like!

Here's the ones I used and what I did to them!!...

The steps are easy and it goes the same for almost all of them...
*Paint the frame first
*Find paper you'd like to use {they have rows and rows of paper}
*If you're going to use a rub-on, now's the time to do it! {I couldn't count all they have if I tried!}
*Modge podge the entire thing! {Paper and painted frame}

You can see the little frames hanging from the bottom of this on the top picture. I simply used red paint and modge podge for those little guys too!!

Click to enlarge.

This one has almost the same process, but I used a white 12 x 12 canvas {yes, from Ben Franklin} that I painted tan and placed inside the painted frame. I wanted the family picture to stand out a bit more, so I backed it with another color of paper and applied the rub-on directly onto the picture. Now, go ahead and cover that baby with modge podge!{Every crafter knows there's never too many bottle of this around!}

Click to enlarge.

These little shadow boxes are too fun! The ideas for them are endless!! I bought 2, one white and one black! It's always nice to have one on hand to whip up a gift! 

I still put paper in the back, but then took an 8x8 picture and placed it right inside. The rub-on is directly on the glass this time, not the picture. 

Can you see the little red-orange tag on the front?? Yes, it was on sale!! Another great thing about the frames is that the prices are VERY reasonable and they do go on sale! {whoot! whoot!!}

Click to enlarge.

This one's no different, except the colors!

Click to enlarge.

Oh yeah....this is one of my faves!! You can get the flat wood square and do what you will!! 

I slapped some paint around the edges where it would show, put down paper, painted the chip letters and more modge podge! Imagine it with different colors and a saying you love!!

Click to enlarge.

This white frame is a good sturdy frame, but without the price tag! They have an entire wall of different sized frames with great prices... 2 for $8.00/ 2 for $10/ 2 for $12 ....I love the 2fers!!

Click to enlarge.

I love how it all turned out!! I've been redoing my office and this definitely finished it off!! I do have to admit, this is a fairly simple photo wall compared to what I could have done! I browsed the store for 2 hours {no lie} and could have come up with a number of different ideas, looks and frames!

Again, I'm sooo happy to be here and I hope you enjoyed my visit!! Have you done any photo collages lately? 

I have a few others that aren't part of my photo wall, but they were done from Ben Franklin goodies! Check them out here, here and my favorite here!!! 

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  1. YAY Kristy! Congratulations on this guest post. And Ben Franklin is my fave craft store of all time too. I wish there were some BF stores here in Massachusetts....I desperately miss my beloved Bonney Lake, Washington shop. *hint hint to Ben Franklin*