Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snowman Candy Jar

Make this delightful snowman candy jar to add to your holiday decor!

Crafted by Sarah.


  • 1 Small Round Clear Glass Bowl
  • 1 Clear Glass Candy Jar with Lid
  • Flat Black Spray Paint
  • 2 Black Buttons
  • 1 Orange Pipe Cleaner
  • Black Paint Pen
  • 1 Yard Ribbon
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • E-6000
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors

Before you begin, wash all glassware and let them completely dry. Then, wipe rubbing alcohol across the outside of the glassware to remove any oil or residue.

1.  Use masking tape to mask the bottom edge of the candy jar lid.
2.  Spray the outside part of the lid with the flat black paint.
3.  Set it aside to let dry.
4.  After it has dried, carefully remove the tape. 

You can score the paint at the tape edge to help remove the tape without pulling off the paint.

5.  To start making the hat band, measure and cut ribbon to wrap around the top of the candy jar for the hat band with a 1/2" overlap and cut 2" for the bow. 
6.  Remove the wire from the ribbon.
7.  Cut ribbon down the center to create a narrower strip, then fold in half lengthwise and glue the ribbon to itself.
8.  Wrap around the top of the candy jar and glue the overlap.
9.  Fold bow piece lengthwise and glue the ribbon to itself. Fold the edges to the middle backside, then remove the clothespin and glue the bow in place.

10.  For the nose, take round nose pliers to roll a pipe cleaner into a carrot shape.
11.  Glue it to the center of the candy jar.
12.  Use a paint pen to add the eyes and mouth.

Now, for the scarf! 

13.  Fold ribbon in thirds lengthwise, then use a clothespin to hold it in place on the center of the bowl.
14.  With your fingers, pleat and scrunch the ribbon, then glue it to itself around the top of the glass bowl until the ends overlap.
15.  Unfold the ribbon ends and tie the scarf.
16.  Cut the desired length, leaving at least a half inch to fold up and glue on the backside of the ribbon to "hem" the scarf.

Do not glue the scarf to the bowl, making it easier to clean.

17.  Lastly, glue the buttons in place.

Let the project dry completely before adding white Sixlets or gumballs to make your snowman.

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