Sunday, December 2, 2012

Card of the Month: Advice from a Snowman

"Live well, life is short."

That is quoted from Advice from a Snowman, our Card of the Month for December!

Crafted by Karen.


  • Advice from a Snowman Postcard
  • 1 Sheet of 12" x 12" S.E.I. Silver Valley "Snowed In"
  • 1 Sheet of Red Cardstock
  • 1 Sheet of Corrugated Craft Paper
  • 1 Sheet of Foam Board
  • 12" x 12" Whitewashed Barnwood Frame
  • Scor-Pal Scor-Tape (or any double-sided tape)
  • Glistening Snow-Tex
  • Paintbrush

If you only have access to regular barnwood, you can apply a light or thick coat of white or off white acrylic paint using a paintbrush to give it a whitewashed look.

You can also use any patterned scrapbooking paper of your choice. The paper used in this project is an idea you can use.

  1. Tape the Snowed In paper (red bird side up) to the sheet of foam board. 
  2. Trim the red cardstock to create a mat for the postcard (as shown in photo).
  3. Tape the postcard (print side up) to the cardstock.
  4. Trim the corrugated paper to create a mat for the red cardstock with the postcard.
  5. Using a paintbrush, apply Snow-Tex around the edges of the corrugated paper.
  6. Set it aside to let dry.
  7. Once dry,tape the postcard (with the red cardstock) to the center of the corrugated paper.
  8. Now, tape the finished postcard to the papered foam board.
  9. Insert the papered foam board with the postcard into the frame.

Feel free to use other items, such as Stickles, stickers and more to further embellish the framed art.

For more projects, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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