Sunday, April 21, 2013

How-to: Transfer a Photo to Canvas

Save money on the cost of canvas wraps by transferring your own photos to canvas!

Crafted by Therese.


  • Canvas
  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium in Matte
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Soft Sponge

For this project, you will need to print a photo onto regular print or copy paper using an inkjet printer. If your photo has words, numbers, etc., you will need to print the photo in reverse. You can purchase the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium in Matte here in our online store.

1.  Using the foam brush, apply a thick, generous coat of the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium to the entire canvas.

Be sure to completely coat the canvas because any missed areas will not transfer the image. 
2.  Place your image print side down directly onto the canvas.
3.  Use your hands or a 

Thoroughly remove any wrinkles and/or bubbles to avoid any non-transferred areas, unless you are wanting a distressed or vintage look where the non-transferred areas would be desirable.

Christy took a photo of her niece and applied a filter to it in Photoshop
for an artistic look. Then, she transferred the image onto the canvas.

4.  Let the canvas dry overnight.

Now, it's time to reveal the transferred image.

5.  Using the sponge, wet the paper on the canvas, then gently scrub the paper.
6.  Continuing scrubbing the paper off of the canvas, adding more water, if necessary.

The revealed image is not meant to be an exact copy of a photo with vivid colors, but more of an artistic painterly look.

Photo transferred to wood.

If you feel your image looks "cloudy," it's because there may still be a very thin layer of paper fibers that probably can be removed. Just add a little more water to gently remove what you can.

Never harshly scrub or focus on one area too long, as you may lift the image from the canvas.

7.  Once you are done, let the canvas dry, then apply a thin coat of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium to the entire canvas. 
8.  Set it aside to let dry.

Once dry, it's ready to display!

Photos can be transferred to wood and glass, too, using the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium. Here are other examples of photo transfers.

For more projects, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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