Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick and Easy Teacher Gift Ideas

Here are 6 quick and easy teacher gift ideas to show your appreciation for your child's favorite teacher!

Teacher Gift Idea #1 

Fill a jar with M&Ms and attach the following poem (below) to the outside.

Teacher Gift Idea #2

Place a set of highlighters into a cellophane bag and attach a tag that reads "You were the highlight of my child's year! Thanks for being such a great teacher!"

Teacher Gift Idea #3

Insert a roll of Giant Smarties into an acrylic tube and fill it with shredded paper. Use baker's twine to tie a pack of Sharpies and the Giant Smarties together with the attached tag that reads "Thank you for helping make us more Smartie and Sharpie this year!"

Teacher Gift Idea #4

Insert teabags into a jar and attach a tag that reads "I love my tea-cher!"

Teacher Gift Idea #5

Drill holes into a wooden block, paint it, add pencils and a sign in the front that reads "Some #2 Pencils for a #1 Teacher!"

Teacher Gift Idea #6

Paint a small canvas and add vinyl or letter stickers to create words to describe the teacher.

For inspiration on other gift ideas for a fantastic teacher, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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