Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steampunk Spells Arrow

When Graphic 45's Steampunk Spells collection made its debut at our store, we fell in love and couldn't wait to start making projects with it.

One of our instructors, Sherry Wilson, made a book using Steampunk Spells for her Creepy Curious Halloween Book class she is teaching.

Crafted by Sherry Wilson for our
Creepy Curious Halloween Book class.

Sara, our Office Manager, featured this stunning project she made using Steampunk Spells during this morning's meeting. We were so amazed by her creativity, that we had to share it with you!

Crafted by Sara.

Sara used a wooden arrow and layered it with chipboard and Steampunk Spells papers. Layering adds dramatic dimension for a unique look and can be easily done by layering the same image on top of itself using 3D Dots.

What first caught our eyes when Sara was showing us her project was the hot air balloon. She cut out two hot air balloons, then cut down the middle of one and slid the other into the opening for a 3D effect. Wire was strung through a chain that connected the hot air balloon to the arrow to make it appear as if it was floating.

A variety of embellishments, such as gears, chains, charms, and jewelry, were adhered to the arrow for not only texture, but to emphasize the steampunk theme of the papers.

We carry these flat top light bulbs that were just perfect for this project. Sara added a little color to the light bulb using Adirondack Alcohol Ink, then glued it to a wooden plaque that was covered in the Steampunk Spells paper and embellished with gears. Then, the arrow was adhered atop the light bulb.

It's incredible how a beautiful paper collection can inspire such a wonderful creation.

Looking for ideas for your next project? Visit our Pinterest boards here for a little inspiration.


  1. This is way cool !! Steampunk Spells is just so inspiring and such a fun collection. Graphic 45 papers have a way of making even we creatively challenged people feel like great designers !!

  2. These are such fabulous projects! I love graphic 45!