Monday, October 14, 2013

Card Making and Spectrum Noir Classes

Meet Taresa Reynolds, the Card and Spectrum Noir Instructor here at our Bonney Lake store.

Taresa Reynolds

As a mother of two grown children and a wife of 25 years, Taresa has been doing some sort of crafting while managing a professional career, starting in the Financial industry to becoming a hairstylist with her own salon and now an Arts and Crafts instructor here at Ben Franklin.

Spectrum Noir and Card Making/Techniques Class samples.

Paper crafting has been the one creative outlet for Taresa. She loves to craft using various techniques, but loves to teach others how they can tap into their own creativity even more!

How long have you been paper crafting?

I have been creating all my life, but I started in rubber stamping with my mom and sister back in 1984. I dabbled in that and many other crafts until 2002, when paper crafting and rubber stamping took over. I started teaching and haven't looked back since!

Taresa's Personal Projects

How did you get started in paper crafting?

My sister had a business selling rubber stamps, so she, my mom and I would stamp together.
How did you develop your skills?

By watching tutorials online, reading magazines, taking a class here and there, and of course, practice, practice, practice!

Taresa's Personal Projects

What do you enjoy the most about paper crafting?

Playing with paper, inks, tools, embellishments, etc. to make something with my own hands. When I'm done, I have pretty cards to send people and picture albums full of memories to look at.

What do you love most about teaching paper crafting to others? How does it make you feel?

Being able to share something I love with others and help them learn something new or improve their skills. It makes me feel blessed that I get to share what I love and see others enjoying being creative.

Taresa's Personal Projects

What can you say to those that are just beginning?

Be patient with yourself; relax and enjoy the process. When something doesn't turn out right, it's not a failure, but a lesson in what not do the next time!

What words of inspiration would you like to share? 

Allow your inner child to emerge and create with abandon!

Interested in learning how to make your own cards and photo albums or how to color with Spectrum Noir? Check out our class calendar here for Taresa's classes.

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