Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Craft Projects For Entertaining The Kids & Family

"Stop running in the house" she said loudly, "and stop chasing the dog". The family is gathered and the kids are restless.
Mouthwatering smells are drifting throughout the house. The turkey is roasting in the oven, pies are cooling on the kitchen counter and the house is full of your loved ones. Since your Thanksgiving dinner is hours away, how about a project to entertain everybody?

Give the kids the camera and ask them to take a photo of someone. Make sure to get a family photo, too. Then bring out the paints, brushes, ink pens and some unfinished paper mache or wood frames. Everyone can decorate a frame in their own artistic style. As the frames dry, print out the photos on your home printer. These family pictures can be placed in frames for a Thanksgiving keepsake. The whole family will be entertained by this project. You can also use scrapbook paper and Modgepodge to decorate your frame. The decorating can be whatever you imagine!

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