Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Green Mason Jar

Billie Jo has created a wide variety of mason jar designed crafts for your inspiration. We have a display in our "Pinspiration" department. This Mason jar vase will really put you in the mood for spring.

Green Acrylic Paint
 Mason Jar
Craft Chicken Wire
Silk Pansies

1. Remove lid from Mason Jar
2. Pour green paint in the inside of jar and swirl around until completely coated.
3. Carefully pour out excess paint.
4. Place jar upside down on cookie cooling rack or other similar object that allows paint to drip through. Allow to dry.
5. Cut craft wire with scissors to fit the diameter of jar lid.
6. Place wire over jar opening.
7. Screw lid on the jar to hold wire in place.
8. Place silk flowers in the jar through the wire.

You can also do a trio of these vases which would look great on your coffeetable.




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