Sunday, March 23, 2014

Glass Block Bunny

The popular glass blocks can be made into a cute bunny for an Easter decoration.

One Glass Block
One Sheet White Fun Foam
One Sheet Pink Fun Foam
Bunny Face Vinyl Stickers
One Package White Shred
One Pink and White Polka Dot Ribbon
One Roll of Pink and Polka Dot Ribbon
E6000 Glue

Cut sheet of white fun foam in half.
Now stack the two pieces of fun foam together and lightly draw a bunny ear.
Cut out the two bunny ears with scissors.
Next cut the pink fun foam in half.
Stack the pink foam and draw the inside oval for the bunny ear.
Glue the pink pieces on the white ears.  Allow to dry.
While the ears are drying, put the white shred into the glass block.
Now carefully apply vinyl to the front of the glass block.  Rub firmly with a burnishing tool or similar object. Gently peel the backing away. If the vinyl does not stick, reburnish gently.
Wrap ribbon around the entire glass block and glue to secure the ends.
Apply glue to the ready made bow and place on top of glass block.
Now glue the bunny ears to the back of the block.

Your bunny decor is ready to display!

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